Bulldog's Paintball
Tom Walters.....(Cowboy).....Elmira Ny
Tom is the Heart and soul of the Bulldog's, And being in his 50's he's Still one of the Fastest we Have. Stays young playing with us younger guy's and is a blast being around. We Call him Cowboy because he can 1 hand shoot with anyone.

Past Tourney's                                Place----------------------------------------------------------------
2008 Bulldogs Speedball                    2nd
Grc  4 man Speedball                        7th
Bulldogs Speedball                            1st
Abv  3 man Rookie     May 9th           2nd
May17th  Grc Rookie 4 Man               2nd
June 6th  Miles Mt 3 Man                  4th
July 11th  Miles Mt 3 Man